I don't know when we are supposed to feel mature, I'm still waiting! 


I do know that many of us find at some stage in life, we seek more value, more connection and more involvement in what matters to us, personally and professionally.

 Doing what we know how to do 

or were trained to do is simply not enough.


Often it is as we approach our 40th milestone that we are compelled to rethink how we do what we do and why. For me, it was 35 and then again at 45!  Nobody said it was a one time deal.


Women's Unpack sets out to uncover what motivates you, to define those things and attach them to a tangible decision or goal. 

We do that in three areas:

  • Seeking Purpose not Passion

  • Owning The Benefits of Maturity

  • Irrefutably Articulating 'You' - Personally and Professionally.

Confident Woman
Calm Woman


In employment terms mature women have heavy duty career/work experience under their belt by 40. We also know that women of a certain age have been historically disadvantaged when it comes to hireability.


There are advantages to maturity that make you are 'sure thing' as opposed to an untested one. Advantages that mean you have a plethora of evidence supporting your ability, achievements and contributions.  


You most often know who you are and that often translates to knowing what you want. 

Mature women offer a level of credibility

and personal development that is unmatched. 


Finding the 'best cultural fit' is up to 50%

of hiring the criteria.

There is a renewed focus by employers on the importance of 'soft skills' I prefer to call them 'communication skills' as the former is little, I don't know, condescending perhaps. 

Things such as empathy, inclusive leadership, lateral thinking, a mature ego, have been repackaged and allocated a far greater level of importance by employers when hiring the right candidate. 


Employers have a renewed focus on 'soft skills'

but most women have been unprogrammed 

in speaking about ourselves powerfully

in those terms. 


Our Team Have...

  • 20 years interview and confidence coaching experienced in over 20 countries. 

  • We've unpacked CEO's, Managers, Pilots, Tradies, School Leavers and Mums returning to the work, past Olympians, Airline Pilots, Celebrities, Entertainers, University Lecturers and more.

  • Presented as key note speaker at national conferences, womens groups and universities.

  • Been interviewed or quoted by: Reuters, Coaching Life, Go All In, WHIMN, News.com, Girls Inc to name a few.

  • Published a unique 'Help Self" book being read in over 15 countries. 

Notice the Albino Chameleon theme on our site... That's a nod to my book.  You see 'Ben' the Albino Chameleon, was the only chameleon

incapable of being anything but himself, ultimately his 

perceived 'flaw' become his greatest strength.


The things we typically cover:

  • Identifying the things holding you back. 

  • Rediscover what motivates and drives you.

  • Overcoming that overwhelmed, where do I start feeling.

  • Naming those attitudes & attributes that are strengths.

  • Taking the first step towards what you want to achieve.

  • Rediscover the empowering ability to laugh at ourselves 


Our mission is to help you to be all that you can be with practical tools and support.

"As a team we have jumped through

most of life's hurdles - our mission is to support you to look outside what you know

and consider the possibilities"

Happy Woman