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If you don't know what you have

to offer, how will anyone else?

Kirsty Anne Ferguson | Global Interview Expert

Coaches Executives, CEO's, Olympians & Pilots worldwide. 

Author 'The Albino Chameleon'  selling in 15 countries.

Interviewed by Reuters, and more.

Feature Columnist Recruitment - Australian Aviation Magazine.

Real world interview and confidence skills for students. Developed in consultation with students, teachers and parents. Kirsty and her team share the secrets to wowing employers and the techniques they use to coach Executives, CEO's, Olympians and Pilots globally.

Preparation Programs available via:

- Video Program (16 part series | Interview Skills) $49 Including GST

- On-line Live Individual Coaching

- Interview Success Workbook (Download)

- Resume | Cover Letter Pack (Download)

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The Interview Skills Video Program

You could be preparing for a casual job interview, apprenticeship, work experience or full-time position. The techniques and tools we teach, also apply seamlessly to scholarships and university applications.


The content of our programs, workbooks and workshops is specifically tailored to individual students, as talking about yourself with little or no work experience is not easy. 


The tools you learn in this video series are the foundation for succeeding at any interview.

We share the secret to wowing employers and techniques we use to coach Executives, CEO’s, Olympians & Pilots around the world.

Course Content:

- How to prepare for video interviews and live interviews.

- Creating resumes and cover letters that market you to employers
  effectively and get you to the next stage of the assessment.

- How to research a prospective employer and prepare creative questions.

- What is 'Selection Criteria' and how to address it.

- Uncover your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

- Behavioural Interviews explained step by step. 

- Find out the secret to talking about yourself confidently without
  feeling like muppet.

- Discover what employers really want in candidates.
- How to reframe getting a 'no' and handling hurdles and rejections.

- Why 'people skills' will get you across the line.

- Networking and marketing yourself on Social Media, Linkedin 

   You will use these tools   

for life!   

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As a parent of teenagers, I know they won't take advice from me, cos I'm just Mum.

Tanja Perl | International Interview Coach  & Freelance Producer

Producer for global brands: Vodafone, NIKE & Microsoft. Winner of  Silver Lion at Cannes for the Western Sydney University 'Deng Adut' Campaign

How To Get Hired With Little or No Experience

How To Get Hired With Little Or No Experience
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