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Women's Unpack Collection | When Doing What I Know, Is No Longer Enough. So What's Next?


Pack Includes:

1 Hour One On One Coaching (via SKYPE, Zoom or Facetime anywhere in the world)

+ the inspirational Wisdom Cards Collection


We tailor your coaching session to your specific needs. 

Many women find at some stage in their life, that doing what they know how to do or were trained to do is simply not enough.  They seek more value, more connection and more involvement in what matters to them.


That can occur at any stage of life. Often  women approaching their 40th milestone are compelled to rethink how they do what they do and why. For me, it was 35 and then again at 45!  Nobody said it was a one time deal.


At it's core we set out to uncover what motivates you, define those things and attach them to a tangible decison or goal. The objective, to develop a plan around cultivating a more purposeful life/career.  


The things we typically cover:

  • Identifying the things holding you back 
  • Rediscovering what it is that motivates and drives you
  • Setting a simple plan in place to overcome that overwhelmed, where do I start feeling
  • Putting names to those attitudes and attributes that are your strengths and usually finding the odd super power (confidence boost right there!)
  • Formulating a simple plan to take one step towards what you want to achieve in various aspects of life
  • Rediscover how to laugh at ourselves (Kirsty thinks she is pretty funny and if you've read her book you will have a taste of her down to earth and self proclaimed witty style)


As a team, we have jumped most of life's hurdles, big and small, and our mission is to help you to be all that you can be with practical tools and support.


Our Team Have...

  • 20 years interview and confidence coaching experience
  • We have Unpacked CEO's, Managers, Pilots, Tradies, School Leavers, Mums returning to the workforce, entrepreneurs, past Olympians, Airline Pilots, Celebrities, Sports and Business High Achievers, mumpreneurs, entertainers, University Lecturers and more.
  • Presented as key note speaker at national conferences, womens groups and universities on the power of being you!
  • Been interviewed or quoted by: Reuters, Coaching Life, Go All In, WHIMN,, Girls Inc to name a few
  • Coached in over 20 countries 
  • Published a unique 'Help Self" book being read in over 15 countries.

Don't forget to grab your Wisdom Cards in the download email link!



Here's to pursuing your purpose powerfully.



"Look outside what you know and consider the possibilities"

Women's Unpack Collection | When Doing What You Know Is Not Enough

  • Step 1:

    Your Wisdom Cards will arrive to download in your first email.

    Step 2:
    We will email you to arrange your 1 hour coaching appointment at a time that works for you.

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