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Women's Unpack Collection | The Value Of Maturity


Pack Includes:

1 Hour One On One Coaching (via SKYPE, Zoom or Facetime anywhere in the world)

+ the inspirational Wisdom Cards Collection


We tailor your coaching session to your specific needs. 

I don't know when we are supposed to feel mature, I'm still waiting!  I do know that in employment terms you have some heavy duty career/work experience under your belt by 40. We also know that women of a certain age have been historically disadvantaged when it comes to hireability and that their value is misconceived.


There are advantages to maturity, advantages that can make you are 'sure thing' as opposed to an untested one when it comes to employment.  Advantages that mean you can provide a plethora of evidence around your ability, achievements and contributions.  


You most often know who you are and that often translates to knowing what you want.  Mature women offer a level of credibility and personal development that is unmatched.  There is a renewed focus by employers on the importance of 'soft skills' I prefer to call them 'communication skills' as the former is little, I don't know, condescending perhaps. 


Things such as empathy, inclusive leadership, lateral thinking, a mature ego, to name a few, have been repackaged and allocated a far greater level of importance by employers when hiring the right candidate.  Finding the 'best cultural fit' is up to 50% of hiring criteria alongside qualifications and expererience.


But most of us are inexperienced in speaking about ourselves in those terms. It can feel a little weird.


So how do you demonstrate that powerfully to an employer without feeling like a muppet?

This session is solely focused on finding the right language to articulate those things about you, powerfully.  Without fear of  the 'fluffy throw away statement' or being mistaken for a less serious or competent candidate.


One of most common reasons an employee is unhappy or does not stay in a role long term is lack of cultural fit.  That makes finding the right fit an extremely important key hiring criteria for employers.


The things we typcally cover:

  • Identifying your leadership/management style
  • Identifying your communication style
  • Identifying your 'work from home style' 
  • Ensuring a contemporary edge to your presentation style
  • Matching your 'communication style' to the employers criteria


As a team, we have jumped most of life's hurdles, big and small, and our mission is to help you to be all that you can be with practical tools and support.


Our Team Have...

  • 20 years interview and confidence coaching experience
  • We have Unpacked CEO's, Managers, Pilots, Tradies, School Leavers, Mums returning to the workforce, entrepreneurs, past Olympians, Airline Pilots, Celebrities, Sports and Business High Achievers, mumpreneurs, entertainers, University Lecturers and more.
  • Presented as key note speaker at national conferences, womens groups and universities on the power of being you!
  • Been interviewed or quoted by: Reuters, Coaching Life, Go All In, WHIMN,, Girls Inc to name a few
  • Coached in over 20 countries 
  • Published a unique 'Help Self" book being read in over 15 countries.

Don't forget to grab your Wisdom Cards in the download email link!



Here's to pursuing your purpose powerfully.



"Look outside what you know and consider the possibilities"

Women's Unpack Collection |The Value Of Maturity

  • Step 1:

    Your Wisdom Cards will arrive to download in your first email.

    Step 2:
    We will email you to arrange your 1 hour coaching appointment at a time that works for you.

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