Looking at transitioning to a new industry, or moving across your industry to a management or operations role? 

Post COVID19 employment has meant that many of us have to think laterally about our careers and look further afield for opportunities.


It is essential to understand your value, how your current skills and traits apply to a specific role and what benefits you offer an employer.


The audio program sets you up to:

- figure out your valuable transferable skill set

- understand your work style

- create an eye catching resume that markets you effectively

- make an unforgettable connection with your potential employer

- provide quantifiable outcomes so employers see your benefit to their team.



- 45 minute Audio - link  (MP3)

Listen as global #1 interview interview | confidence coach and author Kirsty Anne Ferguson provides 20 years of interview coaching experience in this 45 minute Podcast Audio for a fraction of the cost of individual coaching.

- Transferable Skills Workbook  | PDF

- Transition Resume Guide | PDF


(Note: any additional individual coaching ranges from $230-310 per hour)


Transferable Skills Audio Program

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    STEP 2. Your Transferable Skills Workbook and Transistion Resume Guide will be delivered my email in PDF format

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