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Our Career Coaching team, has over 20 years experience.

This session is organised via SKYPE or Zoom nationally and internationally.


This 60 minute one-on-one coaching session is  designed for:

Candidates who are about to undertake their first interview, or

-  Those who have been asked to attend a 'behavioural interview' otherwise
   referred to as the STAR or SAR interview.

-  Those who have completed our Interview Skills Video Program and
   would like individual support.


There are core things you need to cover to be 100% interview ready, in this session we cover:


  • Learning 'The Behavioural Interview Technique' a  method of answering interviews preferred by most employers. (often called STAR or SAR)
  • We figure out some great examples you can use from your life.
  • Provide specific guidelines for answering the dreaded 'open questions' such as 'Tell us about yourself?' or 'What are your strengths?'
  • ​​​​​​Provide specific tools for answering the 'Example Questions' the right way. We also cover 'weaknesses' and the 'mistake' questions.
  • Conduct a series of mock questions to check your decision making and delivery.
  • Explain how to handle Group Exercises.
  • Talk about what questions you can ask at the end of the interview.


Everyone learns at their own pace and this session is structured to ensure you have the basic techniques and essential decisions covered.
If there are others areas you would like to discuss around your career plans, any hiccups, failures or personal circumstances you need to plan for, then you may also like a second coaching session.


Are you ready?

You will use these tools and techniques for life.

Student | Live Interview Skills Coaching | 60 Mins

  • 1. An automated email order confirmation and invoice copy will arrive.


    2. An email to arrange your appointment will arrive next.


    If you need us for any reason, send an email to: to chat directly to a coach.


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