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Have a resume that's in need of a total revamp?

Then resume full edit is for you.



  • Then the  Resume Template is for you. If you do not have an exisitng resume we have a series of Resume Templates in WORD format designed to collect your information and as a starting point for our edit. 
  • Some are industry and role specific so please advice us if you require a Template. (eg: Pilot, Cabin Crew, Corporate, Engineer, Other)

Resumes often cost between $400-900 dollars but we have a tried and true system that means we can offer a much more competitive price. Why? Because we start with your current document and remaster it. Our writers are published professionals and HR specialists, with experience in over 12 different industries.


Step 1: Place your order


Step 2: Email your current document in WORD format to:


What we include:

- Minimum 3 hours of work by a published author and copywriter, with 20 years HR, Recruitment and Management experience.

- Contemporary design refresh

- Format correction

- Content edit, rewrite if required and suggestions

- Creation of new sub-sections and headings for ease of navigation

- Prioritising of content to engage the reader

- Minimum 2 drafts

- 2 completed versions in WORD and PDF


- Our first draft turnaroud time is between 4-5 working days from the time of order, but we always try to get it back to you asap. If you have a short deadline, just let us know.


Resumes are no longer simple lists stating your experience and employment, they are marketing documents.  They market you to your potential employer and either get you to interview stage, or not. 


That makes them extremely important.


If you say YES to any of the questions below, then you need a Resume Revamp:

- Is your resume over 4 pages long?

- It your resume just standard text with no design elements?

- Is your address at the top of the document in prime real estate?

- Do you have 'referees upon request'?

- Do you have an entire first page dedicated to your name/contact details?

- Do you have long paragraphs of text describing each role?

- Do you have a general 'objective' statement?

- Have you formated your document in 'tables'?


Get ready to give your next job application your very best shot!



Resume Editing / Revamp

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