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Mums Returning To The Workforce

1hour one on one |   Kick Start Confidence Session


It could be weeks, months or years since you stepped into the most up side down, all encompassing and unbelievable time of your life, parenthood!


The thought of returning to your other job or heading into a new job can be a mixture of emotions from:

- Adult conversations - yay! 

- I cannot imagine leaving my baby.

- How will my child cope in childcare?

- How will I manage the work/life thing?

- Will I be disadvantaged at work having been away?

- I'm supposed to feel guilty but I don't.

- What have I missed out on with my employers growth & development?


It's at times like this that gaining the right perspective about your experience and abilities, your motivations and your goals is particularly important as you step into this next phase of your life: as a working mum.


You could be heading back to an existing role after maternity leave or seeking a new role.  In these challenging times, you could be one of so many finding yourself facing job loss or redundancy. Or your partners job may have impacted  and the knock on effect is you need to return to the workforce. 


If you want to gain some perspective and formulate a plan to move forward then that is what this session is all about.  Our coaches have a whole lot of life experience and practical support on offer.  


Don't think therapist, that's not what we do.

We work with you on a practical down to earth level, with actionable tools and context.

It is a safe space to get stuff off your chest and get ready to step into this next phase of your life confidently.


The things we typcally cover:


  • How do I frame my time off in a new job interview?
  • Recognising false beliefs about myself in relation to my ability/experience?
  • Identifying the things/thoughts/feelings holding you back.
  • Rediscovering what it is that motivates and drives you so you can match that to the role and help identify the right employer for you.
  • Setting a simple plan in place to overcome that overwhelmed, 'where do I start' feeling.
  • Putting names to those attitudes and attributes that are your strengths and usually finding the odd super power (confidence boost right there!)
  • Formulating a simple plan to take one step towards what you want to achieve in various aspects of life.
  • Rediscover how to laugh at ourselves when the going gets tough (Kirsty thinks she is pretty funny and if you've read her book you will have a taste of her down to earth and self proclaimed witty style)


As a team, we have jumped most of life's hurdles, big and small. Our mission is to help you to be all that you can be with practical tools and support.


Our Team Have...

  • 20 years interview and confidence coaching experience.
  • Worked with CEO's, Managers, Pilots, Tradies, School Leavers, Mums returning to the workforce, entrepreneurs and creatives.
  • Presented as key note speaker at national conferences, womens groups and universities on the power of being you!
  • Been interviewed or quoted by: Reuters, Coaching Life, Go All In, WHIMN,, Girls Inc to name a few.
  • Coached in over 20 countries.
  • Published a unique 'Help Self" book being read in over 15 countries.

Don't forget to grab your Wisdom Cards in the download email link!


Here's to you!

Getting started on the next phase of your life.

Focusing on what you can do, not on what you can't by

using what you've got.






Mums Returning To Work | Confidence Kick Start Coaching

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