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One on one coaching with author | global confidence and interview coach Kirsty Anne Ferguson.

- Duration | 1 Hour

- Delivered | on-line via SKYPE, Facetime or Zoom

- This session is tailored to your needs, so if you need:

This session is best used in preparation for a specific role or application.

If you have a specific job interview to prepare for.

Have been made redundant.

Are returning to the workforce after a stint away.

Need to set out a plan to transition your career.

This hour is just for you.



- Order your session

- An email will arrive to ask you what you would like to discuss

- We schedule a time that works for you

- Let us know if you prefer SKYPE, Facetime or Zoom

- You will receive a connection request to that platform


Most employers use the STAR or SAR interview method, that's our bread and butter, and our job is ensure you know how to use it effectively.  We don't want to change you, but we do want to:

  • Fulfil the expectations of the employer at interview
  • Ensure you are fully prepared with powerful examples, evidence and factual answers.


We want you to you, but to also be fully prepared.


Get ready, this session is just for you and all about you, it is a safe space to discuss your concerns, to throw around ideas and to tackle the questions that will lead you to understanding what you have to offer and articulating that powerfully to any potential employer.

Interview Coaching With Kirsty 1 Hour

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