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Please stop saying 'Find your purpose'.

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Latch on to someone else’s vision to find a purpose instead.

If there is one thing that drives me nuts, it is speakers and coaches and careers counsellors talking about finding your passion. 

Please stop, you are confusing the majority of people who have no bloody idea what their passion is and on top of that, most of us are unlikely to find it.

Most of us are far more likely to stumble across something we like or are good at after attempting a multitude of other things. Some of us will to latch on to or relate to a visionary’s vision, and think, that appeals to me too.

Why is it so important to stop using the word passion? It’s because it is an enormous task, a dream or a desire that for many is unattainable and overwhelming. The enormity of having ‘finding your passion’ as a goal, is that it is intangible and motivated by feelings rather than action and planning. 

A side effect of ‘passion thinking’ is procrastination, people fail to launch, they miss opportunities or they wait to commit to anything until they feel that passion for it.

For a long time we had ‘passionate’ in our brand, until I realised that it was just fluff speak, as well as a feeling our clients may not relate to. In fact it was the core problem clients approached us about:

-      What do I want?

-      Who am I?

-      How do I talk about myself?

-      What are my strengths?

-      How do I know this job/career decision is right me?

Cannot believe it took me so long to put that together. Better late than never. Finding a purpose, not ‘the purpose’ but ‘a purpose’ is far more attainable.

Look at what you have and think, what can I do with this?

Don’t give up your dreams and desires, I am not saying that, I am asking instead that you work with what you have right here, right now, rather than waiting for what might be.

My new book dives into this and many other questions around who you are, what you want as we solve the question "Tell me about yourself?" You can register for a copy now, out in October 2019.

I’ve put together a great little actionable exercise that can help you get started.

Email me for a copy - subject line: Define Me Define My Purpose


Kirsty is a feature contributor to:

- Australian Aviation Magazine

- Aviation Job Search.

Kirsty's blog on communication and careers is widely read by over 22,000 first connection members on LinkedIn, Facebook and

Kirsty's first book “The Albino Chameleon – Building The Story of You” will be available in the second half of 2019. 

Kirsty has lectured at:

- Sydney University

- Griffith University

- Emerging Leaders Forum

- Women In Aviation National Conference

On careers, communication, aviation and self-confidence and purpose.

You can listen to Kirsty on the iTunes favourite “Go All In” podcast and “Australian Aviation Radio”.

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