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Why I’ve been called ‘Oprah of Interviews’ and the ‘Tony Robbins of Careers’

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

More than anything, we all need to believe in ourselves. You can't bottle that and deliver it in one copycat generic, one size fits all model. You can however, inspire it and thats exactly what O and T do. Each fan feels as if they are speaking directly to them, connecting with them alone. I've seen how fans grab hold of a bite size piece of information, one that connects with them, that motivates or inspires them.

My title is Interview Coach, however in the last month, I have been referred to as a ‘Life Coach’, “Personal Therapist’, the ‘Tony Robbins of Careers’ as well as the ‘Oprah of Interviews’. I love my job, can you tell?

To be compared to such people is an honour and also a responsibility.

Although myself and my team have carved out a niche in the Aviation Sector our message applies to anyone from school leavers, career changers, return to workers and those progressing to new career challenges.

Why? Because being ‘interview ready’ is all about the same two things – preparation and confidence.

By the time you get to interview I’m pretty sure you have the qualifications and/or experience to perform the role so what happens next is more about;

-      cultural fit

-      potential

-      benefits and

-      people skills

What we do every day is more than just prepare candidates for interviews. It is always about confidence, relationships and digging down into who you are, what you want and what you need some help with. It can get pretty personal, but that’s life isn’t it, everything that happens to you is personal.

Recently we’ve had the pleasure of working with Chief Pilots, Aviation Analysts, HR, Industry Governance bodies, Airport Security, ATC, Airport Emergency Services, Operations Managers and Aviation Finance personnel. The roles sound totally different but the core reasons candidates seek support to prepare remain the same; 

-      How do I tell them about me in a confident yet gracious manner?

-      How do I discuss any hiccups or career malfunctions?

-      How do I succinctly define my strengths and achievements?

-      How do I know what an employer is looking for?

Of course there are a lot more sub-sections to those four questions but that’s our job, to access the requirements of the role and connect the highlights of your career to those criteria.

As a coach, we sit outside your head, outside the complexities and noise of your life. That means we can pinpoint those exact things that make you 'you', that make you valuable and unique.

Whether I have to turn on my version of Oprah or Tony it is my job to both inspire you and prepare you for your next career challenge or manage a personal or professional hiccup.

Every coaching session is different, the one thing I can guarantee, it won’t be boring and we might just locate a super power...or two!

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