Spend some one on one time with Internationally renowned confidence and interview coach, Kirsty Anne Ferguson and her team of senior coaches.  Kirsty and her team work in over 20 countries with CEO's, Olympians, Mums returning to the workforce, school leavers, Airline Pilots and professionals from all walks of life. 

We do one thing, show you what it is that makes you 'you' and how to use that knowledge to create and secure opportunities personally and professionally.


How to define you, articulate you and own your attitude and attributes.  Because knowing those things, and having the ability to talk about yourself can lead anywhere you aspire to go. 


Be that at a job interview, a university placement, a media interview, a presentation or a first date, knowing what makes you valuable and unique gives you the ability to connect, to build relationships with anyone you come into contact with.


Now don't think this will some dry old airy fairy self-help session, this is practical stuff, and Kirsty's innate humour puts her clients quickly at ease.  You will leave with practical tools and a new found confidence to step into your next challenge.


Delivery: Coaching is delivered via SKYPE, Facetime or Zoom

Anywhere in the world!

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 "Ability will get you through the door - character

will keep you in the room"