Hi there, as part of my brand reinvirgoration or piviot, whichever you would like to call it, Pinstripe Solutions - Aviation Interview Preparation will be repositioned under my personal brand. 


That means it will sit here on the Kirsty Anne Ferguson site.

You will still have access to all the fantastic industry products and services we have offered for nearly 20 years and some new reimagined products.

This page is under construction so for now, you can use the current products in our collections:

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Remember to let me know you are in the aviation industry or you are applying to a specific aviation company or airline and I will be happy to include anything that may help you such as:

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 "Ability will get you through the door - character

will keep you in the room"

Our new Pilot Transferable Skills & Transition Program is here.

Airplane Engine

The MAP is a short-term counselling and advisory service for AFAP members and their immediate family to seek professional assistance for any personal or work related problems. The AFAP has engaged PeopleSense by Altius to provide a professional counselling service totally independent of your employer. MAP is designed to be flexible and responsive to what our members need, and the psychologists who deliver the counselling are trained in pilot specific issues. These sessions can be provided by telephone, on Skype or in person, depending on where you are based. Access to these sessions is entirely confidential.


AFAP members and their families can call 

1300 307 912 

at any time for free, confidential counselling with a trained psychologist.


PAN NZ is a programme for Providing Peer Support to Manage Compromised Mental Wellness in New Zealand Professional Aviation. 

PAN NZ is a programme which provides confidential peer-based support and assistance to Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers (ATCO) and Airways limited Flight Service Operators (FSO).


It is an industry-wide effort in which trained peer volunteers work together with the oversight of qualified mental health professional, available to members only.

0800 PAN 100

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