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Interview Chix

Interview Skills Training

Preparing job seekers across all industries for interview success.


Tailored to Entry Level candidates, candidates transitioning into a new career, mums returning to the workforce, right through to Executive Level.


The Albino Chameleon

My Book!

The ability to talk about yourself is a life skill.


Using the metaphor of an albino chameleon named Ben - who is unable to use colour to disguise his true self, Kirsty walks us through humorous stories and engaging tasks to find out how to say to the world, "this is me."


Entrepreneur and Global Interview Expert, Kirsty Anne Ferguson coaches Executives, CEO's, Ex-Olympians. Media, Airline Pilots and Tops Guns worldwide across 3 brands - @interviewchix, @highschooltohireable and @pinstripesolutions

Interview Chix brings expert interview skills training to a wide spectrum of job seekers and to help small to medium business 'Hire Right'.

She is the Author of 'The Albino Chameleon'  selling in 15 countries and has been interviewed by Reuters, Newscorp, WIN News,, TickerTV, Go All In, Gifters and many more on careers and confidence.


Kirsty is a feature columnist for Australian Aviation Magazine on careers. Her niche aviation interview preparation brand 'Pinstripe Solutions' supports pilots, cabin crew, aircraft engineers and aviation professionals globally.

As co-founder of High School To Hireable Video Interview Skills Program for high schools and vocational education organisations, she brings 20 years of interview expertise to students from aged 16-22.


"Forget about finding a passion,

take what you have right now, do something with that."

Kirsty Anne Ferguson - CEO Pinstripe Solutions Interview & Confidence Coaching | Author 

Vlog | Media

The Most Divine Book Launch Ever - Take A Look
kirsty Ferguson

The Most Divine Book Launch Ever - Take A Look

What a day! Bringing my 20 years of coaching Pilots, Top Guns, Executives, Career Changers, Olympians, School Leavers and anyone in between to a wider audience Beautiful people, gorgeous book store, so much fun... never been to a book launch before, then they are not usually like this. Champers flowed, everyone crammed in to hear the talk and laugh! Well, I didn't know I was so funny video says otherwise. A huge thanks to everyone who came, who read, who listened and who purchased 'The Albino Chameleon - The Things That Make You 'You' Can Become Your SUPER POWER'. Me putting this unusual book thinking into practice: "Look at what you can do, not at what you can't. After all, this dreadful speller just wrote a book and writes for multiple global magazines. If i can do it, so can you" And you do have a super power, maybe more than one... This book is like nothing you have read before, it's humorous yet helpful, thought provoking yet easy to digest. Someone even said "life changing" - how cool. What people are saying: - "I could not put it down." - "My son is about to leave school, this will really help him." - "I laughed at the on-line dating section, just what I needed." - "I am now more open in the way I interacted with people" - " I wish I had this before my last job interview." - "I went into my recent interview armed with what made me unique & valuable." - "I just started, instead of waiting for all my ducks to be in a row." Links to grab your copy: #leadership #pilots #jobinterview #bookstagram #authors #confidencebuilding #yourstorymatters #purposematters #purposefulliving #goforit #startyourcareer #girlspower #ladyboss #businesschicks #booklaunch #youcandoit #yougotthis #careerchangers #newjobopportunity #newjob2020 #tellmeaboutyourself #findyoursuperpower

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