Hi. I’m Kirsty, Aviation’s #1
Interview & Confidence Coach.
Author, Blogger, Dog Mum this year a brand new Bride.  

I am in pursuit of a very personal  mission, to influence and support others to become all that they can be.

Each of us is unique, has potential, aptitudes, ideas and stories, sometimes it just takes another to point them out.

My next task is to help anyone I can uncover the immense power we each have by simply being ourselves.

About the author

Kirsty Anne Ferguson is a global interview coach, aviation expert, speaker and magazine columnist. In 2010 recovering from multiple personal disasters including, infertility, divorce, and the deaths of half her family, she decided to rewrite the entire future story of her personal and professional life. 

She has gone on to build a unique on-line business model that has helped senior executives, pilots, bankers, doctors olympians, entrepreneurs, school leavers and just about anybody in between, step towards their personal purpose and career potential.

Carving out a niche in the uber competitive Aviation Industry, her international reputation is such that anyone wanting a confidence boost, to move up the corporate ladder or into the cockpit of a wide body jet simply; calls Kirsty. And no, she cannot fly an aircraft!

Kirsty advocates looking at what you can do, not at what you can’t. After all, this dreadful speller just wrote a book and writes for multiple magazines. If she can do it, she says, so can you.

Kirsty lives in Sydney with her dog ‘Bentley’ and her new husband who she shares with anything over a 2-foot swell.

The ability to talk about yourself is a life skill, one that can set you on a path to anything and everything.

The Albino Chameleon
The Things That Make You ‘You’ Can Become Your Super Power.

“In a world of confusion and competition, this book provides a refreshing breakthrough in how to uncover the immense power we all have simply by being ourselves.”
Amanda Rose – Strategic Connector #BossLady CEO – Business Women Media

Using the metaphor of an albino chameleon named Ben – a chameleon unable to use colour to disguise his true self, Kirsty Anne Ferguson walks us through humorous stories and engaging tasks to find out how to say to the world, “this is me.”

As a global interview coach to top guns and airline pilots, Kirsty has seen how each of our stories differs yet contain elements that connect us. She tells us that your story, just like hers, is unique. Even if you think you have nothing special to offer, she insists you do.

Here’s what our readers have to say:
– “I could not put it down.”
– “My son is about to leave school, this will really help him.”
– “I laughed at the on-line dating section, just what I needed.”
– “I am now more open in the way I interacted with people”
– ” I wish I had this before my last job interview.”
– “I went into my recent interview armed with what made me unique & valuable.”
– “I just started, instead of waiting for all my ducks to be in a row.”
– “Your book really made me laugh, everytime I need Kirsty Anne Ferguson the universe sends her my way.”

Author, Kirsty Anne Ferguson is quick to explain what the book is not – don’t expect some dry old business or theory-based self-help book! It is not like anything you have ever read before – it just might change your life.

She gives us permission to ditch the antiquated and overwhelming ‘find a passion’ thinking. Instead, create a purpose from what you have and who you are right now.

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