The First Husband – Coming Soon


I am happily ensconsed in a relationship with my surfy guy, I run a good solid business, have great friends and a very full and somewhat rewarding existence.
My life, however, was not always like this. From the age of 36, I faced the probablity that my thus far sound and disgustingly healthy body was about to let me down. In protest I embarked on various forms of all consuming natural infertility treatment somehow managing to squeeze in marriage just before the big 4…0.

This was the most confusing, challenging and emotionally draining period of my life and certainly not how I had imagined the first years of my marriage to be. At the age of 40, I decided to reclaim my life and my sense of humour and stop infertility treatment. I decided to live a fantastic life in spite of the fact that I would never have children naturally.
Over the following 10 years I lost both of my parents, my brother, and divorce was also on the agenda. What else can happen?
Well I’ll tell you, a lot of great stuff as well.

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