The Albino Chameleon – Building the Story of You


My hobbies include drinking wine, eating cheese and patting dogs. A humorous and inspiring excursion into that dreaded question: “What do you have to offer?”
I prepare job seekers every day for the variety of questions and tests they will face during the recruitment process. That’s my job, and I love it. People are interesting – full stop.
The weird thing is, they come at me with very very similar issues, no matter the role they are applying for. It boils down to the same thing;
“What do I have to offer?”

But it’s not just work where this question comes into play. Lets think about it, it applies to going on a date or joining a sports group, in every aspect of life it seems as if we are, all of us, attempting to fit in and stand out at the same.
Knowing what you have to offer takes self-knowledge and confidence.

But how do you project those things? I hear you say.
In marketing terms, we will delve into your brand and what defines you, but don’t expect some dry old business book.

The Albino Chameleon attempts to resolve this double dilemma by providing ideas, inspiring stories and other stuff to throw a little light on what each of us as individuals, have to offer. Along the way we share snippets from people just like you who have gone on to become entrepreneurs, fashion designers, recruiters, artists and globe trotting mums.


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