Employers Want Staff With Ego Maturity… Not Ego Maniac

Dec 11, 2017

But what the heck is it?

If you have it, you will be much better at self-management and you will probably be solution focused rather than getting all caught up in the drama.

One of the largest companies in Australia describes ‘Ego Maturity’ as: “A sound level of self-confidence with an overriding graciousness.”

Not much help is it?

Simply put, be confident but nice!

Don’t go telling the entire room how smart you are, don’t take over, don’t criticize or gossip – take custody of that ego my friend.

Ok, what it really means… everyone has an Ego. You need one in order to back yourself and to function in the world. There are however, egos that are immature and egos that are mature.

A mature ego is a life skill, aspire to cultivate one.

Let’s look at how those different egos might be described:

The Immature Ego might look like this:

  • Defensive when makes mistakes
  • A right-fighter, needs to be right all the time
  • Does not take direction well
  • Sulks or becomes aggressive in communication style
  • Repeats mistakes or does not learn from the past easily
  • Does not listen
  • Blames others
  • Does not show empathy

The Mature Ego might look like this:

  • Likes to mentor and support others
  • Sees other peoples point of view
  • Seeks to learn and improve
  • Leads by setting a great example
  • Not afraid to do the little jobs as well as the big ones
  • Has a high degree of self knowledge
  • Admits faults and mistakes
  • Takes responsibility for their actions
  • Creates solid relationships
  • Focuses on solutions