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International Interview Coach, Life & Career Blogger, Dog Mum and Author.

I am in pursuit of my personal mission, to influence and support others to become all that they can be.
Each of us is unique, has potential and ability, sometimes it just takes another to point it out.
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My hobbies include drinking wine, eating cheese and patting dogs. A humorous and inspiring excursion into that dreaded question: “What do you have to offer?”
The Albino Chameleon – Building the story of you.

The Albino Chameleon “Ben”, remains bright white regardless of his surroundings. He is the perfect mascot and inspiration behind this book. The Albino Chameleon is incapable of lying and can only be himself.

In the end, that is what makes him the most valuable.

Join us in building or rewriting the story of you.

The First Husband.

I am happily ensconsed in a relationship with my surfy guy, I run a good solid business, have great friends and a very full and somewhat rewarding existence.

My life, however, was not always like this. From the age of 36, I faced the probablity that my thus far sound and disgustingly healthy body was about to let me down. In protest I embarked on various forms of all consuming natural infertility treatment somehow managing to squeeze in marriage just before the big 4…0.

“This was the most confusing, challenging and emotionally draining period of my entire life.”

This was the most confusing, challenging and emotionally draining period of my  life and certainly not how I had imagined the first years of my marriage to be.  At the age of 40, I decided to reclaim my life and my sense of humour and stop infertility treatment. I decided to live a fantastic life in spite of the fact that I would never have children naturally.

Over the following 10 years I lost both of my parents, my brother, and divorce was also on the agenda. What else can happen?

Well I’ll tell you, a lot of great stuff as well.

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I have gone forth determined to not waste a moment. Launching my own business; learning how to horse ride and breeding my first foal. Travel never stopped, from The Scottish Borders, Sicily and Tuscany to Botswana, Zambia, Cambodia and Nepal one momentus adventure after another.  I purchased a wonderful home; won a business award; rehomed a bunch of rascally yet adorable street orphans in Nepal and much much more.

This to me, this has all been part of that thing we experience called life.

I have over time, come into contact with many many people undergoing the stress and confusion that is infertility treatment, the loneliness of relationship failure and other wordly hurdles.

One thing they consistently volunteered, it helps to talk to somebody who has been there done that. There is no literature that talks the talk in real terms about what these challenges look like from the inside out or how to survive and thrive during them. If there is, it is a dry old “how to” or “self help” book.

Well that’s not me, and let’s face it, we all love to be entertained.

So I decided to write a book, an entertaining book, about my experiences, a cathartic exercise for me, but one hopefully that infertile couples, new singles and those with loss will relate to.  Life can be insane and inexplicable, most importantly I can assure you, there is life after any challenge, no matter the outcome.

Get ready for a good laugh, some weird survival techniques and stuff everyone will relate to.

So who, you might ask, is Kirsty?
Author and Founder & CEO of

“I help people realise their career goals, their potential and their value in the work arena every day. It is my dream job and more satisfying than I ever imagined.

My career history spans over 20 years mainly in advertising, recruitment and publishing, all have been unique businesses driven by passion, vision and innovation. These things are, to my mind, an essential part of the pinstripe solutions interview-coaching mission.”

“In 2005 myself and Sue Muller of The Pharmaceutical Locum Company (recruitment) won the Micro Category of the Telstra Small Business Awards for NSW. Shortly after I took my interview coaching business, started in 2000, full time.
By 2006 we were already an Australia wide company.
2007 saw the development of a unique product called The Self Coach Workbook, broadening our ability to reach people in a wider variety of industries with a more diverse product.

Success is a very relative term, but what our career candidates have in common can be identified by their willingness to take a risk, to learn and to change. Not only has this resulted in an incredible success rate but it is quite simply inspiring.”

As seen since 2000 on…

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